We provide the platform, you provide the teaching

Teachers everywhere are looking for more opportunities to reach students in a way that can help them go beyond what is in the classroom and commit to a life of study within that subject. With improvements in technology, we are helping to provide resources to teachers to make sure that we are all able to teach French to students in the easiest, most efficient, and most fun way possible.

Every tool a teacher needs

Teacher Tool

Flexible Timing

You set the schedule for sessions, so you are never committing to a time that does not work for you.

Teacher Tool

One-On-One Tutoring

Students are able to focus more and you are not wrangling a ton of students. The attention works to the benefit of both tutor and student.

Teacher Tool

Additional Resources

Our online resources and dictionary translation app within the platform make teaching much easier.

Teacher Tool

Screen Share Sessions

Working together, you can show students visually how things work and what they need to know.

Meet the Teachers

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common, fluency in French.

Peter Smithson

Born in France, Peter has spoken the language his whole life.

Barbara Brown

Barbara started learning French in high school and went abroad to Paris in college.

Edward Moore

Edward’s mother is French and spoke it in the home. He still speaks it with her to this day.

Janna Jackson

Janna spent 7 years living in France during her teens. She sometimes forgets what language she is speaking.

Select your Price

We offer multiple different price points when it comes to our class packages, fitting to your financial needs.

Online Seminar


  • Public sessions
  • Access to online platform
  • Online only
  • Beginner and Medium levels only

Group Classes


  • Group sessions (10-20 students)
  • Access to online platform
  • In-Person only
  • All Levels

Focused Group Classes


  • Small group sessions (max: 5)
  • Access to online platform
  • In-Person only
  • All Levels
  • 1 Free Check-In Call



  • Private sessions
  • Access to online platform
  • Choose your own timing
  • Choose your location
  • Online or In-Person
  • All Levels
  • 2 Free Check-In Calls

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Important information

Don’t miss out on these great ways to connect with other French speakers.

Collaborate with Teachers

Collaborate with French Teachers

Technology used to make learning easier than ever before.

Finding the right French teacher is an annoying process and finding the right teaching opportunities as a French teacher can be just as much of a problem. Instead of thinking about the matching process and bogging yourself down with all of the minutia and details that are not important to teaching, focus on the actual nitty gritty of it all and get right to the meat of teaching. We have seen time and time again that students get short-changed, with too many students in classes or other things that get in the way of learning. With our platform and classes, we hope to eliminate those issues in the future.

Collaborate with Teachers

Make French a Part of Your Everyday Life

Finding ways to incorporate your new language skills into your existing life.

A lot of students learn the language, but French is still not a part of their lives. What you remember in high school begins to leave you by the time that you move on to the real world and stop practicing. We are doing our best to keep promoting relationships between our students, building a French community in the process. We organize meetups where we speak in French, facilitate pen pals, and put our students in contact with each other in other ways to make sure that everyone is staying in practice.